Thursday, 22 January 2015

Two Of My Favourite Skincare Products

I'm so sorry I didn't blog for such a long time but sometimes in life you have to take a break and concentrate on other things.

In my fact it was school. Lately it was really stressful for me and I needed to focus on getting through all the exams as successful as possible. But now as it's all over I've got more spare time I can invest for my blog!!

So for this post I will show you two of my favourite skincare products from The Bodyshop.

For a really long time I had problems with my skin. Not because it was oily or anything like that, no my skin was as dry as sandpaper. 

Now I'm using the products of the Bodyshop Vitamin E range. It truly helped my skin and I can recommend it to everybody with dry to very dry and sensitive skin. 

This is the Cream I use throughout the day. It preserves my skin from getting dry and sinks in really well. The scent is amazing I love it's really fresh and light. When I put it on in the morning my skin is nourished for the rest of the day and in the evening you can use the Night Cream from the Vitamin E range. Which I have to go and buy soon.

This facial wash is a mixture between face wash and cleanser. It takes of the make-up perfectly and leaves the skin feeling so smooth. The scent is amazing, in my opinion. I only use it in the evening in the morning I use a different product. My skin is really sensitive and this product is great it not irritates my skin at all.

I only have two products from this range so far but I'm really happy with them and I will definitely purchase some more!! Now that I'm writing about them I'm tempted to run to our local store and buy the whole range!!!

I know their a lot of different products against dry skin and I've been looking for something for such a long time and have tested so much products and always got disappointed by them. When the lady in the store showed my this range I was afraid to get disappointed once again. But I can really say for me, this is the best thing I've used up to now and I don't regret buying these two products at all. 

I hope I could give you some advice and if somebody knows a good product for dry skin I would be happy to hear about it!! 

Lots of love