Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sunshine, Where Are You...?

Lately I've been really missing the sunshine because sunshine is very important for us to keep fit and stay healthy. And also your much more motivated when it's nice weather than when it's pouring with rain. So that might be a reason why I've been feeling really tired recently. I guess all of you know the feeling when your exhausted no matter how much sleep you have. The last few weeks I felt like this day after day and honestly it's not fun at all. At first I thought it would just last for a few days, but after a week of being tired all the time, I started searching the internet for helpful tips and tricks to get rid of exhaustion and tiredness. And believe it or not whilst searching the internet I stumbled across some really helpful tips and learnt a few new things about how to avoid exhaustion and what you can do against it.
This is a picture I took in Greece last autumn. I wish it was summer again!!
And an one more picture of the beautiful sunset.

And because it's not a rare thing to feel tired, due to a lack of sunshine I thought I would share my top tips with you. Ohh, and in case you where wondering, where I live it's winter at the moment, freezing cold and no sunshine at all.
And here they are my top tips against feeling tired all the time:
  • It's very important to have a good, healthy breakfast every day. Because that gives you energy for the morning. And I also like to always have a granola bar or a fruit with me, so if I get hungry in between I can eat something.
  • Also eating a lot of fruit, vegetables or wholegrain food helps. For example I always drink a smoothies or juice for breakfast.
  • Sleeping regularly is important and if your tired in the morning, it's better to go to bed earlier, than to sleep longer in the morning. 
  • A lot of people think, that coffee helps against tiredness but that's actually not true. Coffee gives you a energy boost but that only makes you feel better for a short time and afterwards your even more tired. It's lot more beneficial to drink a lot of water instead of coffee, alcohol, coca or other sugary drinks.
  • If I feel tired and can't concentrate myself anymore, I like to go out and get some fresh air. Doing sport a few times a week is also important for a healthy balance in life.
  • And personally, it helps me to make a list of what I have to get done this day or in the next few days. Like that I can avoid forgetting stuff and coming under stress.
This are my personal tips and trick that help me and maybe they will help you too!! If you have some tips or things you do, please leave a comment , so i can try it too.

Lots of love

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Valentine's Day Lips

Valentine's day is coming up soon and I thought of what Valentine's day related post I could do. I decided to do a post about one of my favourite lipsticks. Because I think Valentine's day is the perfect opportunity to wear a little bit braver lip colour, for example red. Red lipstick is in my opinion a great choice for this day because it's everything for Valentine's day related pretty much red or pink?! I know there will be a lot of posts and make-up tutorials where bloggers and youtubers will talk about a red lipstick but I still wanted to do this post because it is a great idea to wear red lips on Valentine's day and because the lipstick I will be talking about is one of my favourites in general. And for those who are not as brave or don't like red lipstick I also have a alternative less eye-catching lipstick.

The red lipstick I will wear on Valentine's day is Mäc's Lustre Lady Bug, my favourite red lipstick in general. Although it's red I think it's not as bold as other red lipsticks and it works for any situation. When I'm wearing this lipstick my lips always look nice and glossy but not as if they were sticky. It's really long-lasting even if you would eat or drink something and doesn't dry out my lips at all. My lips feel smooth and moisturised and you don't even realise you're wearing a lipstick it's so lightweight. What I love the most at this lipstick is the scent. That might sound strange but it has a really nice mild and not at all bothering smell. The colour is a nice reddish orange, I know on the pictures it looks more like a classic red but on the lips it's slightly orangey. I think you can wear it to any event and combine it with nearly everything. In my opinion a stable lipstick colour with great quality and totally worth spending a little bit more money on.

The second lipstick I can recommend is a Pure Color Crystal Lipstick by Estée Lauder. To be precise Estée Lauder's Crystal Bronze. It's a beautiful, richly pigmented nude lipstick. Now, in my opinion it's a special nude lipstick because I think this lipstick is a bit bolder than other nude lipsticks, that's why I love it so much. The colour is a nice bronzy, shimmery colour. It has a creamy and almost weightless consistency. What I think is very important, is that you don't have to put a hundred layers on your lips to see the colour. With this lipstick on layer is totally enough at it will stay on your lips for the next few hours. Also a great plus is that it keeps my lips hydrated, similar to a lip butter.  In my opinion again a stable and if you don't know which colour to chose, take this one it will always look good and suit your outfit. And also like the Mäc lipstick I love the scent. I must say a couple of weeks ago I always look at the colour of the lipstick and when I liked it I bought it. But since I own these two lipsticks I always check the smell before paying it....!! (Oh I forgot to say, that on the picture with the lipstick, the colour looks much darker than it actually is. In reality the colour looks like on my hand.)

1. Crystal Bronze by Estée Lauder
2. Lady Bug by Mäc

Wishing you a happy Valentine's day!!

You can also do a nice Valentine's make-up just for yourself even if your just staying at home. Because you anyway should wear make-up for yourself and do it because you enjoy it and not to be liked by others. That's my opinion :-)

Tuesday, 3 February 2015


I guess everybody knows the feeling when you're so embarrassed you wish you could just disappear or become invisible. To me this feeling is quite familiar because somehow I always manage to get myself into awkward situations. And it's mostly then, when I'm surrounded by people.

Sometimes I wish I would be that super confident kid that would make a joke after it had done something embarrassing and everybody would laugh and forget about it. But unfortunately I'm not. I'm more the type of person that if something embarrassing happens to me I try to rescue it but instead of covering it up, I make it even worse. I hope some of you can somehow relate to what I'm trying to explain you.

One situation I will tell you about happened in my first week at my new school. Before getting into it, I must say, that for me it's even more embarrassing when I'm new somewhere. Because after that everybody knows you as the clumsy kid and not as the really funny, generous or creative one. That was terrible because they didn't want to get to know me as a person they all already had the feeling they would know me although they only had seen my accident.

Okay, on to the situation. It was Thursday. I was at a new school and until then everything had worked really well, I even was a little bit proud that nothing embarrassing had happened to me yet. But this wasn't for long. That Thursday I would eat in the canteen for the first time. I just had paid the lady at the counter and was walking towards the tables. When I tripped, fell and all the food and Sprite spilt over the floor. For maybe two seconds everything was quiet but then everybody stood up and started clapping their hands. I was so embarrassed I was not able to stand up, so I was still lying in my lunch and everybody was laughing. My friend came to me and helped me get up but I could not stay in this room any longer, so I ran out my T-Shirt full of tomato sauce. You can guess what happened next. On my escape through the canteen I bump  into the boy I  secretly had a crush on and also destroyed his T-Shirt. From that day on everyone knew me.

At the beginning I struggled with going back to school and I wanted to change school and everything but I must say I've also learnt things through this accident.

What I've learnt and my advice:

Try to do little changes to avoid your clumsiness.

In case you would get bullied don't show any reaction because if you do the bullies won't stop. I now that might be hard but I think it's really important not to let people take you down.

Don't laugh at other people if they do something awkward because than they won't laugh at you either.

And incase the bullying gets worse I would recommend talking to someone about it and maybe even getting help.

Also, time can make a big difference because gradually you'll get over it and maybe you will even be able to laugh about it and the others will also forget about it. 

Nothing is forever.

You can also imagine it like a joke. No joke is funny forever there comes a time where everybody had enough of it and nobody think it's funny anymore. That was the same with my accident, after a while nobody thought it was funny any more and they stopped talking about it.

I also have a quote I always tell myself because I think it's really true and it already helped me through some difficult situations.

"Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

If you have any experience or advice on clumsiness and such things please leave a comment!!

Lots of love

P.S; Clumsiness is something natural and you're surly not the only one who's clumsy!!