Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Product Review: Lancôme Miracle Cushion - Liquid Cushion Foundation

Lately I've been seeing a lot of Pillow oder Cushion Foundations from different brands. On my way back from Hamburg in December I spontaneously decided to by a new foundation at the airport because the Duty-free stores are way cheaper than regular stores. I was looking for a foundation to wear throughout the day which feels light on my skin but still gives me enough coverage to cover the redness of my skins. My skin is rather dry and sensitive, I don't have acne oder a lot of importunities but I tend to have red patches. 

I tried various types of foundations and tinted moisturizers but the one that impressed my the most was the Miracle Cushion a Liquid Cushion Foundation by Lancôme. I've always loved Lancôme, their fancy yet simple packaging and have never been disappointed by one of their products.
The packaging of this foundation is perfect for on the go and for traveling. It has a pad and a mirror so you can easily reapply the foundation when you're on the move. By pressing the pad gently on the cushion, the cushions releases the perfect amount of makeup for creating a fresh and dewy look. The foundation is really lightweight, easy blendable and the formula contains hydration and brightening benefits. Exactly what my skin needs! After applying it my skin's refreshed and cooled again. At first I thought it might wouldn't have enough coverage but I was surprised because for such a light and natural looking foundation the coverage is amazing. A great puls is that it's available in numerous shades, I think their are 11 different ones in total. 
I know that Lancôme isn't the cheapest brand but in my opinion a foundation is a makeup item to invest in because you'll wear it everyday and it really has to suit your skin type otherwise it does more harm than good. And a bad foundation doesn't look nice it tends to become cakey, were as this one you can wear all day long and it looks totally natural. And another reason for buying this foundation was that it's refillable. So if you've used up your foundation you don't have to purchase the whole product again, you only have to buy a new cushion and that's obviously way cheaper. Especially for summer I think that's a great option because in winter your skin usually is lighter so if you're more tanned in summer you can just purchase a cushion that's a few shades darker. I think that's great and in total you can save a lot of money like this.
As I've already said it's easy to apply and blend. The formula is buildable from sheer to moderate. If you wanna go for a lighter makeup look you can spread the liquid foundation with the pad and if you want more coverage you can puff it onto your skin. But I guess with using it you'll gradually find your own way how to apply it best. The way of applying with this puff is really foolproof and honestly you can't do anything wrong.
I know it may sound strange but I honestly can't say anything bad about this foundation. Good job Lancôme!! And I can suggest it to anyone who what't a light but still covering foundation for an effortless natural look. It's great for people like me who tend to struggle with dry and stressed skin. After using this foundation your skin will glow again. Usually it should stay on the whole day and incase you should have to reapply it while your on the move it's extremely easy with the built-in mirror and the puff. 

Please leave me a comment with your favourite foundation or makeup product in general. I'm always interested in trying out new products!!

Lots of love xxx

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