Thursday, 26 June 2014

50 Random Facts About Me

I actually wanted to tell you 50 random facts about me. But as you see I couldn't think of more than 46 facts. ;)) Enjoy xxx
1. My favourite colour is green.
2. I have a black cat, he loves chocolate.
3. I hate split ends, that's why I get my hair cut very often.
4. I belong to the 2% people in this world, that have blond hair without dying them.
5. I'm very tidy and everything in my room has it's very own place.
6. Hate getting up early.
7. Chocoholic

8. Instagram and snapchat addicted.
9. I adore Ben and Jerry's
10. Love going on rollercoasters.
11. Photography is my passion.
12.  I'm a massive Disneyfan!!! <3
13. Couldn't live without music.
14. Master in breaking things, especially headphones.
15. My favourite city is LONDON!!!!!
16. Happy person.
17. Favourite Disney film: Merida and Frozen.
18. Hall of fame is my all time favourite song!!
19. Apple user.
20. Love the beach, sunsets and sunny weather.
21. White teeth and nice skin is very important to me.
22. Marilyn Monroe ---> great woman.
23. Enjoy reading books.
24. Almost all my clothes are from Topshop!
25. Starbucks frappucino vanilio is prefection!!!
26. Really afraid of frogs!!! >.<
27. I'm a very chatty person.
28. I've got the habit that when I watch television I have to comment on idea why.
29. I always use mascara!!
30. Hate driving in a car because I get sick really easily.
31. From my bedroom window I can see the sun set.
32. I can play an instrument.
33. In my bedroom it always smells like mango.
34. Love lush and bodyshop.
35. Cupcakes are my favourite dessert.
36. Favourite fruit: Mango, pineapple and strawberrys.
37. Really bad at making up my mind.
38. Autumn is my favourite time of the year.
39. Really fond of polaroid cameras.
40. Can't stand people who smell bad.
41. I would like to learn spanish.
42. Always have a chewing gum in my mouth.
43. Couldn't live without the internet.
44. First thing I do in a hotel, ask for the wireless keyword.
45. I love going on holiday, seeing new things and meeting new people.
46. I have eyes with no peticullary colour, their like a mix between green and brown.

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