Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Skiing-Piercing-Ellie Goulding #monthlyblog

Hello Loves!!

January and February were two crazy months. I had so much to do; I had a lot work to do for school, went skiing with my family and visited an Ellie Goulding concert with my best friend. And unfortunately I caught a cold which I hardly can get rid off.

But first things first. 2016, new year, new experiences and a lot of new challenges. January was quite tough because it was the end of semester and all the teacher needed marks. So all the free time I usually have was taken up to study. I apologize for that. But studying paid off and I'm pretty proud with my accomplishments.

Winter break rolled round and my family and I went skiing in the Alps. The weather was gorgeous and sunny and the snow conditions were seriously amazing. You know that kind of light powder snow, perfect for snowboarding. Mid week a friend of mine joined us and we spent the rest of the week skiing together. Thursday we treated ourselves to a relaxing spa day and it was so worth it. I had a whole body massage and after a week of skiing it felt great!

I started a new job. It's not a proper job because I still go to school but it's handy to have a job to earn a bit of money during school vacations and on weekends. A friend of my dad of owns a cafe and it's really cute, kind of shabby chic, they bake delicious cakes and the whole atmosphere is lovely. I genuinely enjoy working there. It's hard work because your standing all day and have to pay attention to everything around you. That can be quite exhausting and you start making silly mistakes...For instance I was serving water and accidentally knocked the glass over and it split over a woman's phone. I was so embarrassed and worried that I had broken her phone. Luckily they were really friendly and understanding. Nothing was seriously damaged!

Oh and also in January I got my first piercing!! It's called a helix piercing and I freakin love it. Gosh was I nervous beforehand. But I must say it didn't hurt as much as I expected it to. So if any of you want to do it, don't hesitate it's totally worth it. Afterwards I could feel it a bit and the first three nights I wasn't able to sleep on this side but it passed and now three weeks later I can't feel it anymore. What's most important is to clean it regularly with some kind of spray you can buy at every piercer. I'm really pleased with how it turned out and am even considering doing another one.

School started again and I had a flu. Somehow I just can't get rid of it I guess it's time spring comes. But luckily I was healthy to go to the Ellie Goulding-Delirium concert. It was amazeballs!! I can't even describe. I thought she would be great live but she was way better than I had expected. Honestly the whole stadium was on their feet dancing and partying!! THE DANCERS OMG!!! They were soooo good!! Everytime they came on stage my heart beat faster, no honestly these dancers are seriously talented. My friend and I were singing along so loud that after the concert our voices were really husky. If anyone ever gets the chance to go and see Ellie Goulding live you must go it's so worth it and I can guarantee you'll have a great time.

Lots of kisses and love!!

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