Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Product Review: Lancôme Miracle Cushion - Liquid Cushion Foundation

Lately I've been seeing a lot of Pillow oder Cushion Foundations from different brands. On my way back from Hamburg in December I spontaneously decided to by a new foundation at the airport because the Duty-free stores are way cheaper than regular stores. I was looking for a foundation to wear throughout the day which feels light on my skin but still gives me enough coverage to cover the redness of my skins. My skin is rather dry and sensitive, I don't have acne oder a lot of importunities but I tend to have red patches. 

I tried various types of foundations and tinted moisturizers but the one that impressed my the most was the Miracle Cushion a Liquid Cushion Foundation by Lancôme. I've always loved Lancôme, their fancy yet simple packaging and have never been disappointed by one of their products.
The packaging of this foundation is perfect for on the go and for traveling. It has a pad and a mirror so you can easily reapply the foundation when you're on the move. By pressing the pad gently on the cushion, the cushions releases the perfect amount of makeup for creating a fresh and dewy look. The foundation is really lightweight, easy blendable and the formula contains hydration and brightening benefits. Exactly what my skin needs! After applying it my skin's refreshed and cooled again. At first I thought it might wouldn't have enough coverage but I was surprised because for such a light and natural looking foundation the coverage is amazing. A great puls is that it's available in numerous shades, I think their are 11 different ones in total. 
I know that Lancôme isn't the cheapest brand but in my opinion a foundation is a makeup item to invest in because you'll wear it everyday and it really has to suit your skin type otherwise it does more harm than good. And a bad foundation doesn't look nice it tends to become cakey, were as this one you can wear all day long and it looks totally natural. And another reason for buying this foundation was that it's refillable. So if you've used up your foundation you don't have to purchase the whole product again, you only have to buy a new cushion and that's obviously way cheaper. Especially for summer I think that's a great option because in winter your skin usually is lighter so if you're more tanned in summer you can just purchase a cushion that's a few shades darker. I think that's great and in total you can save a lot of money like this.
As I've already said it's easy to apply and blend. The formula is buildable from sheer to moderate. If you wanna go for a lighter makeup look you can spread the liquid foundation with the pad and if you want more coverage you can puff it onto your skin. But I guess with using it you'll gradually find your own way how to apply it best. The way of applying with this puff is really foolproof and honestly you can't do anything wrong.
I know it may sound strange but I honestly can't say anything bad about this foundation. Good job Lancôme!! And I can suggest it to anyone who what't a light but still covering foundation for an effortless natural look. It's great for people like me who tend to struggle with dry and stressed skin. After using this foundation your skin will glow again. Usually it should stay on the whole day and incase you should have to reapply it while your on the move it's extremely easy with the built-in mirror and the puff. 

Please leave me a comment with your favourite foundation or makeup product in general. I'm always interested in trying out new products!!

Lots of love xxx

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Skiing-Piercing-Ellie Goulding #monthlyblog

Hello Loves!!

January and February were two crazy months. I had so much to do; I had a lot work to do for school, went skiing with my family and visited an Ellie Goulding concert with my best friend. And unfortunately I caught a cold which I hardly can get rid off.

But first things first. 2016, new year, new experiences and a lot of new challenges. January was quite tough because it was the end of semester and all the teacher needed marks. So all the free time I usually have was taken up to study. I apologize for that. But studying paid off and I'm pretty proud with my accomplishments.

Winter break rolled round and my family and I went skiing in the Alps. The weather was gorgeous and sunny and the snow conditions were seriously amazing. You know that kind of light powder snow, perfect for snowboarding. Mid week a friend of mine joined us and we spent the rest of the week skiing together. Thursday we treated ourselves to a relaxing spa day and it was so worth it. I had a whole body massage and after a week of skiing it felt great!

I started a new job. It's not a proper job because I still go to school but it's handy to have a job to earn a bit of money during school vacations and on weekends. A friend of my dad of owns a cafe and it's really cute, kind of shabby chic, they bake delicious cakes and the whole atmosphere is lovely. I genuinely enjoy working there. It's hard work because your standing all day and have to pay attention to everything around you. That can be quite exhausting and you start making silly mistakes...For instance I was serving water and accidentally knocked the glass over and it split over a woman's phone. I was so embarrassed and worried that I had broken her phone. Luckily they were really friendly and understanding. Nothing was seriously damaged!

Oh and also in January I got my first piercing!! It's called a helix piercing and I freakin love it. Gosh was I nervous beforehand. But I must say it didn't hurt as much as I expected it to. So if any of you want to do it, don't hesitate it's totally worth it. Afterwards I could feel it a bit and the first three nights I wasn't able to sleep on this side but it passed and now three weeks later I can't feel it anymore. What's most important is to clean it regularly with some kind of spray you can buy at every piercer. I'm really pleased with how it turned out and am even considering doing another one.

School started again and I had a flu. Somehow I just can't get rid of it I guess it's time spring comes. But luckily I was healthy to go to the Ellie Goulding-Delirium concert. It was amazeballs!! I can't even describe. I thought she would be great live but she was way better than I had expected. Honestly the whole stadium was on their feet dancing and partying!! THE DANCERS OMG!!! They were soooo good!! Everytime they came on stage my heart beat faster, no honestly these dancers are seriously talented. My friend and I were singing along so loud that after the concert our voices were really husky. If anyone ever gets the chance to go and see Ellie Goulding live you must go it's so worth it and I can guarantee you'll have a great time.

Lots of kisses and love!!

Friday, 8 January 2016

MOODBOARD #january


WANDERLUST von kijyraa, nyc wall art enthaltend

This is the first Moodboard I've ever made and I really enjoyed making it!! As you may recognize I really wanna go somewhere warm and sunny and not where I am at the moment where it's cold, dull and rainy. I wish I could just book a flight and escape the winter. But unfortunately this isn't possible...Maybe one day I'll live somewhere where it's warm all year round, where I can see the beach from my bedroom window and surf. That truly is one of my biggest dreams!!

Never give up on your dreams!!

xoxo Kyra

Oh and before I forget I thought that I could do a #monthlyblogpost and a #monthlymoodboard with things that inspired me that month.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

December - A Magical Season #monthlyblog

December was an exciting and lovely month for me. I love December in general, everyone's happy, christmas isn't far and everything seems magical to me.

December started off quite normal. In the second week of December it was my birthday!! I had a lovely day with friends and family. I'm so thankful for all the gifts and lovely wishes I received. We went to a great italian place in the evening and it was such a blast. And to top it of my best friend and I went to HAMBURG the following weekend. It was the first time I got to travel on my own with a friend. We had an amazing time; shopping, exploring the city, eating and spending time at the various christmas markets. Honestly I can only recommend going to Hamburg or any city in Germany during christmas time, the christmas markets are breathtaking and totally worth visiting!! We had a quite simple but nice and clean Hostel right by the main station. For one night it was perfect and the price we paid was a great deal. It's called the Generator Hostel and I can really recommend it to young people with a smaller budget for a short stay. The people were really friendly and the underground stations was on the opposite side of the road. We had a double room with to separate beds and a small bathroom, including a shower, sink and toilet. Shopping in Hamburg is great it has a nice shopping center the Europa-Passage, which was decorated so lovely and there are even more close by (Neuer Wall). We obviously visited the port ( it was so windy), the warehouse district with all the brick buildings and the Elbe Beach were all the rich people life. I guess there are much more things to explore but I think as we only stayed there for two days the things we saw were just right. For lunch the first day we ate a delicious salmon sandwich from the market (typical Hamburg), for dinner we went to Jim Block a great place for delicious burgers and the next day we ate in a restaurant in the Europa-Passage, it was a Thai restaurant were you could pay 18 Euros and eat from the buffet as much as you like. By the way Germanys so cheap compared to other countries and cities I've been too. Yeah it was a great time, I'll never forget.

Take-off on our way to Hamburg

Up in the sky, beautiful sunrise

Port in Hamburg

Warehouse District

Christmas Market

Shopping Area Decorated with Christmas Lights


Elbe Beach
Then came along christmas. We had a happy christmas eve and a even happier christmas day with unbelievable weather!! It was 10 degrees and the sun was shining which is a rarity were I live. In the morning we opened our stockings and then went down to open the rest of our presents. This year I didn't ask for anything particular but my family knows me well and I received such amazing and thoughtful gifts. For lunch we had a fabulous turkey with stuffing and everything you can imagine my grandma made and for dessert we had trifle. In the afternoon we all chilled in our onesies and later on went for a walk.

After that we went skiing for a few days but sadly due to the warm weather there wasn't much snow. But we still had a great time in the mountains.

New Year rolled around and I celebrated with a group of friends. We had a funny evening and night!! Happy New Year to all of reading this, may 2016 be a great and unforgettable year.

My New Years resolutions are...
...to save money to go traveling.
...to meet new people.
...to be true to myself.
...to be a bit more brave and adventurous concerning my style and really just wear what I like.
...to visite an openair festival.
...to love life.
...to follow my dreams.

Lots of love
Kyra xoxo

Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas 2015 + an Announcement

Merry Christmas!! I hope y'all had an amazing Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with your families and loved ones. I had a fabulous time and lots of delicious food. My grandma made turkey and Trifle and I can't even explain how lovely it was!! I must have gained 5 kilos over these days but it was totally worth it. 

Oh and before I forget I came up with an idea. Since I hardly manage to blog regularly, I thought I'd start a series. The idea is that I'll write a post about every month. For example what I've been up to, traveling, favourites, outfits I wore and just about my life in general. Maybe there will be some additional posts about other stuff but my main aim for now is to upload at least one post a month. (I know it's not much but being a student is quite time consuming, so I'll do my best.)

 My first post will go up in the first week of January and obviously I'll be writing about December because December this year has been rather amazing. I'm not sure if I should come up with a name for this series but if you have any suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments ;-) 

I'm really excited and looking forward to it!!!

Lots of love 
Kyra xoxo

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Starting A Blog....

Starting a blog wasn't an easy decision for me. Not because I wasn't sure wether I would want to do it, no I was and still am a bit afraid that people will hate on me for my opinion. But after a few weeks of thinking about starting a blog, I decided I should at least give it a try. This blog is about me and my opinions and if someone disagrees it's totally okay. I don't want to force anyone to read my blog, if you don't enjoy reading what I write just leave it, rather than writing unfriendly comments. But if you enjoy it, the better! I'm happy about everyone that visits my blog because sometimes it can be quite frustrating, because you take time to think about a good idea for a post, write it, maybe even take pictures and edit them and I in the end you have the feeling nobody will ever read this. But I guess that's normal at the beginning. The main part for me anyway isn't to have hundreds of people, who read my blog but a few that genuinely enjoy reading what I write.

I started my blog about a year ago and I must say, I myself can recognize a progress. It might be tiny but still it's here and up to know, it's been a great project to work on. Posting regularly isn't my strong point I know, but I rather upload less, than to upload boring and uncreative stuff all the time just to say I upload regularly. I may not upload every week but when I upload, I really try to create something original and interesting for you. Although in the last few week I've been really lazy and had had no ideas at all on what to write. For the future I can say; I've got a few ideas and I hope you'll enjoy them.

One thing I learnt through starting a blog, is that if you really want something, just do it and don't think about bad things that cloud happen because if you do, you might miss a lot of fun and exciting stuff. I really don't regret starting a blog and honestly I'm also a little bit proud of myself because I created my own litte space on the interwebs, where I can totally be myself and say what I think.

Lot of love, Kyra

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

March Favourites

Hello, hope you're all doing well!! In my last post Sunshine where are you? I told that I was feeling really tired and exhausted lately. After uploading this post I tried to stick to these things I wrote about and I must say I recognized a difference. It's not the same as if you would take medicine or such things but it's a really good way to avoid tiredness without having to do much. If your feeling a little worn out at the moment you might wanna go and read my recent post.

But now on to the actual post. I've already done one post about my monthly favourites once and for March I decided to do another one. Now the question is if you would like me to do such a post once a month or just for every season?? Or not at all? I would appreciate, if you would leave me a comment or send an email saying me what you would prefer!! I'm always really happy to hear from you, so don't be shy.

My first favourite for this month must be the Beautiful Day 24h Moisture Ultra Shea Body Cream by Bath & Body Works. I know it's a mouthful but I can guarantee it's worth remembering because it's next to the Body Shop stuff the best body cream I've ever used. It sinks in really easily and it doesn't give greasy feeling at all and after using it my skin instantly feels much smoother! The scent, I couldn't imagine a better one for something called Beautiful Day. In my opinion it smells like spring, flowers, happiness and freshness (if that's even a word). As you know I really dislike winter and I guess that's also a reason why I love this cream as much as I do. When I'm wearing it I feel fresh and happy and even my PJs and the whole bathroom smells like a spring explosion. After all these good things I said about it you might think I'm lying but everything what I say is the truth for me, if you would like it as much as I do I can't guarantee. But if you're looking for a new body lotion anyway, I  would definitely give it a try.

 My second favourite is a Body Shop product, what a surprise?! It's the Aloe Soothing Gel. I use it every morning after washing my face and on hot summer days when my skin feels dry and tense. The cream is great because it cools and comforts my skin and prevents it from getting really red. I also use it in winter because it's so moisturizing and really light-weight. Often I put it under my foundation to keep my skin hydrated the whole day. But I must say if you've got very dry skin you definitely have use something beside this because it's just not the same like a actual moisturizer, but like I was saying for under your make-up and for in summer to calm your skin and make it look a bit more fresh and awake ( can skin even look awake?!) it's amazing in my opinion. The price is reasonable too, so if you don't like it's not a big waste.

My next favourite is one for the lips actually their two favourites which are almost the same. The formula is almost the same, the packaging is almost the same and even the results are almost the same, but in a good way. One of them is the Eos - Summer Fruit Vitamin E Fruity Lip Balm. I know they've been raved a lot but nevertheless I still love them!! Their really moisturizing and make me lips instantly feel smoother, also the scent is indescribable, so fresh!!! Mine smells like strawberry, peaches and blueberry, just what you want for summer and spring. On your lips it leaves a light shimmer. No idea why I didn't get one sooner....The other lip product is almost the same it's a Well at Walgreens Lip Balm in the scent watermelon. It's honestly so incredible I even prefer it a little bit to the Eos one although the Eos balm is great too. The Walgreens lip balm is amazing for chapped lips and it makes your lips smooth and kissably soft over night. I'm obsessed with the scent and the taste. I know that might sound strange but I'm not kidding the taste is amazing!! It smells really watermelony and tastes sweet and candy like. After using it my lips look much healthier and shimmer in a nice peachy, natural tone. And somehow I think my lips look fuller but that could be imagination. All the same their both amazing however I would recommend the Walgreens one because it a little cheaper and in my opinion the results are better.  They would be a great easter gift because honestly they look just like easter eggs lying in the gras ;-)