Tuesday, 24 March 2015

March Favourites

Hello, hope you're all doing well!! In my last post Sunshine where are you? I told that I was feeling really tired and exhausted lately. After uploading this post I tried to stick to these things I wrote about and I must say I recognized a difference. It's not the same as if you would take medicine or such things but it's a really good way to avoid tiredness without having to do much. If your feeling a little worn out at the moment you might wanna go and read my recent post.

But now on to the actual post. I've already done one post about my monthly favourites once and for March I decided to do another one. Now the question is if you would like me to do such a post once a month or just for every season?? Or not at all? I would appreciate, if you would leave me a comment or send an email saying me what you would prefer!! I'm always really happy to hear from you, so don't be shy.

My first favourite for this month must be the Beautiful Day 24h Moisture Ultra Shea Body Cream by Bath & Body Works. I know it's a mouthful but I can guarantee it's worth remembering because it's next to the Body Shop stuff the best body cream I've ever used. It sinks in really easily and it doesn't give greasy feeling at all and after using it my skin instantly feels much smoother! The scent, I couldn't imagine a better one for something called Beautiful Day. In my opinion it smells like spring, flowers, happiness and freshness (if that's even a word). As you know I really dislike winter and I guess that's also a reason why I love this cream as much as I do. When I'm wearing it I feel fresh and happy and even my PJs and the whole bathroom smells like a spring explosion. After all these good things I said about it you might think I'm lying but everything what I say is the truth for me, if you would like it as much as I do I can't guarantee. But if you're looking for a new body lotion anyway, I  would definitely give it a try.

 My second favourite is a Body Shop product, what a surprise?! It's the Aloe Soothing Gel. I use it every morning after washing my face and on hot summer days when my skin feels dry and tense. The cream is great because it cools and comforts my skin and prevents it from getting really red. I also use it in winter because it's so moisturizing and really light-weight. Often I put it under my foundation to keep my skin hydrated the whole day. But I must say if you've got very dry skin you definitely have use something beside this because it's just not the same like a actual moisturizer, but like I was saying for under your make-up and for in summer to calm your skin and make it look a bit more fresh and awake ( can skin even look awake?!) it's amazing in my opinion. The price is reasonable too, so if you don't like it's not a big waste.

My next favourite is one for the lips actually their two favourites which are almost the same. The formula is almost the same, the packaging is almost the same and even the results are almost the same, but in a good way. One of them is the Eos - Summer Fruit Vitamin E Fruity Lip Balm. I know they've been raved a lot but nevertheless I still love them!! Their really moisturizing and make me lips instantly feel smoother, also the scent is indescribable, so fresh!!! Mine smells like strawberry, peaches and blueberry, just what you want for summer and spring. On your lips it leaves a light shimmer. No idea why I didn't get one sooner....The other lip product is almost the same it's a Well at Walgreens Lip Balm in the scent watermelon. It's honestly so incredible I even prefer it a little bit to the Eos one although the Eos balm is great too. The Walgreens lip balm is amazing for chapped lips and it makes your lips smooth and kissably soft over night. I'm obsessed with the scent and the taste. I know that might sound strange but I'm not kidding the taste is amazing!! It smells really watermelony and tastes sweet and candy like. After using it my lips look much healthier and shimmer in a nice peachy, natural tone. And somehow I think my lips look fuller but that could be imagination. All the same their both amazing however I would recommend the Walgreens one because it a little cheaper and in my opinion the results are better.  They would be a great easter gift because honestly they look just like easter eggs lying in the gras ;-)