Sunday, 13 July 2014

Summer holidays and you're bored?

I think everyone knows the situation, when all your friends are on holiday and your all alone or you meet your friends and don' t know what to do.

In this case, I have some tipps for you, so you don't get bored again!!

  1. Bake something that you've always wanted to bake but never had enough time!! (Big cakes, Cake-Pops or Cupcakes)
  2. Reorganize your bedroom and change things up.
  3. Make some lemonade and sell it in your neighbourhood. I guess everyone would be thankful for a cool, refreshing lemonade.
  4. Watching movies isn't difficult but set yourself a goal that you'll first read the book and then watch the movie as a treat.
  5. Or just read a book because you enjoy reading books.
  6. Go to a festival or an openair with some friends.
  7. Organise a pamper evening with your girls.
  8. Spend a night in the nature only with your sleeping bag and count shootingstars.
  9. Contact people you haven't seen in a long time and spend a day with them.
  10. Be crazy and do a rain dance in a warm summer rain.

I hope, I could give some helpful ideas for what you could do. Most of the things I tried myself and had alot of fun. If you do something or have more ideas please leave a comment!!

Wish you all a nice summer vacation!!

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