Sunday, 7 September 2014

Mango Obsession

Since my grandmother gave me a Mango Body Butter for my birthday, I've been obsessed with any Body Shop product, especially Mango.

It's not only the smell, it also does a great job and leaves my skin soft and good smelling. I've got three Mango products; the Body Butter, the Body Scrub and the Body Mist. 

Body Scrub: I've got really dry skin and I think I've already tried around 100 different Body Scrubs but I can tell you nothing left my skin feeling so soft like the Body Shop Body Scrub. The also is a really big plus it's really fresh and fruity.

Body Butter: Always after using the Body Scrub I use the Body Butter. It also smells amazing and after using it I've always got really moistured skin and it doesn't make your skin sticky at all.

Body Mist: Last but not least. I guess it's like a mixture between a deodorant and a perfume. For a perfume it's to cheap a for a deodorant to expensive. It smells really refreshing and it's not like that after an hour you won't smell it anymore. Sometimes I even spray it in my bedroom and it gives a fantastic smell!!

I know maybe not everyone is a Body Shop addict but I thought maybe some of you are looking for some good skincare stuff or your might just be interested because you don't know The Body Shop. I can also recommend those products or any other products form The Body Shop as a birthday or christmas gift.


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